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Behavioural Change: Can you really think & be different?

Your brain is a tangled forest of neurons. That amazing organ contains about 100 billion neural cells, all zip-zapping electrochemical signals around like little clouds in a lightning storm. How often do we pause to think about the mysterious majesty of the human brain? Our abilities to think abstractly, to harness language as a tool, and to be self-aware are really quite miraculous. Thanks, brain!

Some people seem to be naturally quicker, sharper, calmer, and more resilient to stress than others. Are these genetically decided qualities that we are either born with or not? Or, are there ways to train our minds and brains to help us live calmer, happier, more productive and successful lives?

If you’re like us, you’re interested in ways to redesign the brain to cultivate peak efficiency in brain, mind, and habits. We’ve been paying close attention to Todd Sampson’s documentary series Redesign my Brain. Todd explores methods to help cultivate these awesome qualities and achieve behavioural change:

  • Mental plasticity (the ability to quickly learn new skills and perspectives)
  • Mental endurance
  • Ability to stay calm under stress and tolerate pain
  • Ability to sustain close attention and increase memory retention
  • How to decrease fear and reactivity
  • And how to use meditation and visualisation to calm your brain and body so that you will be happy, alert, and ready for whatever comes next.

In the documentary, Todd offers himself as a test subject for various methods of brain health enhancement, and shows us their efficacy by attempting feats requiring skill, calmness, and clarity — For instance, walking across a narrow wire suspended 21 stories high between two buildings.

Whether you want to tight-rope walk across the Grand Canyon or simply get a leg-up on your competitors and maximise your efficiency, emerging evidence suggests that you can retrain your brain. One of our favourite take-away tips: Visualising things or events that are scary to you while in a calm state can help your nervous system learn that these things are not real threats. Try it next time you are nervous about a meeting, a client issue, public speaking, a date, or anything at all! Contact us here to talk more about ways to fine-tune your brain — or anything else.