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Case Studies

At Polevault every project is different because every client is different. One thing you can be sure of though is that we focus equally on people and results.  Here's a few examples of some of our recent projects.

Organisational Development

Polevault specialises in partnering with companies on organisational development over the long term. As an example, we have been working with a medium-sized Australian civil construction and infrastructure company for more than five years. Our brief was to strengthen the company’s leadership and performance, offer strategic consultation during particularly tough times, and to drive discipline in non-technical areas of the business. This included organising multiple strategic planning sessions, and clarifying the company’s vision, mission, values and goals. We also coached an executive to find a strong voice as he transitioned from his role as Manager working on the business to Director, equal shareholder and entrepreneur. In fact, we provided leadership training to all levels of staff in emotional intelligence, effective communication, performance management conflict management and supervisory skills. The company has since expanded and grown geographically, with employees committed to a solid vision and values.


Ever tried to change a work habit? Procrastinating, getting to meetings late, never having enough time to get everything you promised done in a day, working late to make sure it gets done on time, getting staff to work the way you’d like them to or doing too much of the work yourself, letting the paperwork pile up, forever getting interrupted, having to deal with staff attitude problems... I’ve improved the way I work, but my team members have also improved the way they work. That was a big unexpected bonus.”

Mike Morris Executive Director, Civil Contractors Federation

Julie is not a teacher, she does not focus on technical skills, but she did work with me to identify some underlying issues, which were limiting my effectiveness in the office. Julie has a real skill in asking the right questions to unearth the challenges - she then worked with me to identify the best way to overcome them. I liked that fact that Julie did not give me the answers (I probably would not have listened), but she prompted me to find the answers.  This really worked for me and not only did I feel better equipped to manage the work, I had strong and consistent feedback from my team and even my family that I was 'happier' and more effective. With Julie's help I was able to deliver an almost impossible business transformation, which was very well received by the market. I am very happy to recommend Julie.

GM, Virgin Australia

I am happier, confident and settled, and the business is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This is in no small part thanks to Julie’s coaching and assistance.  Her highly professional approach, credibility and experience are features of her service.  Julie takes the time to draw out the important issue and then helps me decide on the best course of action.  Best of all, she holds me accountable to what actions I have decided upon.  Oh, and she is also a great “third party” sounding board for venting, offloading and pontificating!

Shannon Cooper, Managing Director, Kennard’s Lift and Shift, Victoria

Thanks to your very attractive, listening and upbeat style. Well presented, interesting, engaging and informative.

Melbourne Water Leadership Program Facilitation feedback

During this process I found Julie an enormous help due to her skill to encourage you to talk about what you don't understand. Julie will draw you out with her facilitating skills and you find yourself resolving your own problems. A short time after I received a substantial promotion and with Julie's coaching and mentoring skills I was able to prepare myself for the new role.

Robert Ryan, Executive General Manager Works Infrastructure (WA)

I could only describe the process as being extremely professional and met our needs in details, particularly in the following areas:

  • Relevant to group and individual needs
  • Business focussed, productive and efficient delivery
  • Demanded accountability of attendees
  • Enjoyable
  • Industry compatible content
  • Personal development catered for at all levels
  • Habit forming.
Management could not speak more highly of the quality of training that was delivered and Polevault will be our provider of choice for future training needs.   

Michael Elliot, Finance and Administration Manager, DeBortoli Wines Pty Ltd, Yarra Valley

Many thanks for your time and effort in helping me through the graduate program.  I have taken many valuable learning’s away from the course and discussions with you and have found your approach particularly effective and beneficial to me.  Once again, thank you.  I would like to thank you personally for listening to the issues that I have faced over the last few months and also sharing your own knowledge and experiences with me on how to tackle certain problems when they arise. It definitely has helped me progress to the stage in my career where I find myself today.  Once again thank you.

BHP Billiton Global Graduate Leadership Program

The most rewarding part of coaching with Julie was the breaking down of complex and incredibly confusing situations into simple frameworks for understanding and response, and to understand why I was reacting rather than effectively responding.  Knowing how to positively and pro-actively respond to such situations in the future as a leader is invaluable. Julie’s ability to listen and not judge my situation enabled me to talk openly and seek honest and true guidance.  Julie’s positive perspective and yet realistic and honest opinion (and expertise) provides clarity and pragmatic direction to such challenging situations!  Her experience in coaching, and her ability to relate to your own experience to that of others and her own is invaluable in providing tools, frameworks and anecdotes relevant to encouraging personal change. I am now speaking to be heard, with authority and self-confidence – resulting in enacting positive response and changes to situations where ‘helplessness’ would normally have taken over my response.  I am utilising honest reflection and capturing this to develop strategic thought and direction

Company Director

Excellent, very thought provoking. I received really useful suggestions that have given me confidence to try stepping outside my comfort zone.

DMO Leadership program participants coaching feedback

Julie has a keen understanding of the issues faced by those charged with leading the growth and development of their organisation. She spends time understanding the strengths and weaknesses that each of us exhibit and challenges her subjects to step out of their comfort zone in order to work on their weaknesses with the intent of producing better outcomes within their business. Julie has a personable and non - judgemental approach and is readily available to discuss strategy around upcoming events or just day to day issues in managing personnel within the organisation. I would recommend Julie in the role of personal coach or facilitator of a larger group.

Jeff Gallus, General Manager – Southern Region, BMD Constructions Pty Ltd

Julie Edwards has been working with the senior team at SportingPulse to improve communication and to focus the team so that company goals are achieved.  Julie has been a catalyst to changing the way that people think and operate at SportingPulse.  Julie has also helped me to personally focus and find clarity on taking SportingPulse to the next level, that of the international playing field.

Nick Maywald, CEO, SportingPulse

I have to say that both the program and Julie's preparedness to work the "Good, Bad and Ugly" has been of enormous benefit. She is always available for both formal and informal interactions and at all times has been open and honest with me. The fact that Julie was prepared to personally interview people I have daily interaction with, rather than rely simply on computer models, has been probably the most creative engagement I have experienced.

Wayne Thomason, Executive General Manager, Suncorp