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Change you, changing organisational behaviour

PoleVault| November 22, 2015| Behaviour ChangeOrganisational Cultural Change

Behaviour Change The way in which one conducts themselves towards others inn the workplace is the primary definition of organisational behaviour. Research links human behaviour to genetics; it is environment, however, that takes the credit in most part. Grasping this truth will change how any leader views their environment, whether past or present. Attitude is […]

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Behavioural Change: Can you really think & be different?

Your brain is a tangled forest of neurons. That amazing organ contains about 100 billion neural cells, all zip-zapping electrochemical signals around┬álike little clouds in a lightning storm. How often do we pause to think about the mysterious majesty of the human brain? Our abilities to think abstractly, to harness language as a tool, and […]

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Organisational Change Management: Creating Behaviour Change in Others With Four Little Words

Organisational Change Management: Human beings, despite some of our efforts to look wild and spontaneous, are really creatures of habit. All behaviour that we observe in each other is the result of a complex network of learned behaviours and experiences and personal biases that result in relatively predictable behaviour. If you consider for a moment […]

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