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The Value of a CHRO

PoleVault| April 22, 2016| Change Management

The Value of a CHRO Does calling Human Resources “Human Capital Management” make it sound more C-Level? If not, maybe Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Report will give it a boost.  In this survey of 7000 business and HR leaders from 130 different countries, a striking 92% of respondents expressed a need to completely redesign organisational thought and structure. […]

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What’s your leadership strategy?

What is your leadership strategy? That simple question is often misunderstood. It’s often taken to mean “what is your strategy as a leader?” What we mean, however, is “What is your strategy for ensuring leadership is a common trait within your organisation?” Seem trite? Let’s consider something: Whether a simple or complex organisation, people will […]

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Behavioural Change: Can you really think & be different?

Your brain is a tangled forest of neurons. That amazing organ contains about 100 billion neural cells, all zip-zapping electrochemical signals around like little clouds in a lightning storm. How often do we pause to think about the mysterious majesty of the human brain? Our abilities to think abstractly, to harness language as a tool, and […]

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Organisational Change Management: Creating Behaviour Change in Others With Four Little Words

Organisational Change Management: Human beings, despite some of our efforts to look wild and spontaneous, are really creatures of habit. All behaviour that we observe in each other is the result of a complex network of learned behaviours and experiences and personal biases that result in relatively predictable behaviour. If you consider for a moment […]

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