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Behavioural Change: Can you really think & be different?

Your brain is a tangled forest of neurons. That amazing organ contains about 100 billion neural cells, all zip-zapping electrochemical signals around like little clouds in a lightning storm. How often do we pause to think about the mysterious majesty of the human brain? Our abilities to think abstractly, to harness language as a tool, and […]

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Executive Coaching: The 3 R’s of Strategies for changing habits

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Executive Coaching: Our time is filled with habitual behaviors. We are completely unaware of many of these habits. Some are good and others have negative consequences. Repetitive behaviors that have been reinforced for many years are often challenging to change. However, it can be accomplished. Changing your habits is a matter of conscious effort. You […]

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Business Leadership Training: Does Emotional Intelligence Create Great Leaders or Powerful Manipulators?

Business Leadership Training: Goleman’s Idea of Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman challenged traditional definitions of leadership with his landmark article in the Harvard Business Review which added another qualifier: emotional intelligence. While leaders were traditionally defined by a high intellect, an analytical determination, and the ability to generate new and exciting ideas, Goleman posited that great leaders also […]

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