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Julie Polevault

The fact that you are here probably means you’re interested in leveraging the talent of your people; or yourself.

It’s a minefield out there….

Australia has more coaches per capita than any other country at the moment; the industry is unregulated, and chaotic. It’s great, it’s diverse, …… and we’re guessing it’s confusing for you.

Polevault likes to keep it simple….

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, we have academic backgrounds and great qualifications (you can check out our bios here) and we believe in making things uncomplicated for you.

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Yes – that’s a half a day’s work at no cost to you to give you the opportunity to experience for yourself how we work and how we differ from other providers!

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The small print

* Agreed out of pocket expenses charged at cost if required, eg venue or equipment hire, travel… call us for details
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Why Polevault?

Because we’re experts in behaviour , growth, change and all things to do with culture, people, leadership and performance and we’re here to help you to lift the bar on your performance…… whatever that takes
We look forward to partnering with you soon.

No tricks, no obligations!

The only conditions that apply to our free introductory offer are that you have more than 40 employees and haven’t worked with us before.

PS: Don’t worry – if you have fewer than 40 employees, we can still help you, please register your interest and we’ll tell you about our ‘small business’ offer.