Our Services

At Polevault, we know everyone learns in different ways, that’s why we offer a wide variety of services to meet each and every individual need.

  • Executive coaching: personal leadership, team leadership, strategic leadership, culture, corporate behaviour and implementation, being heard and influencing your team.
  • High potential coaching and talent development: moving from technical expert to manager to leader, choosing leadership, leadership skills and behaviours, understanding people and behaviour, confidence, assertiveness
  • 360 Degree leadership assessments: we offer qualitative specific, tailored interviews using our CCL Leadership Suit, Hogan Leadership Series, Bar-On Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs and DISC accredited methods.
  • Team development
  • Strategy and think tank facilitation
  • Leadership development programs: design, facilitation and implementation including workshops on:
    • coaching
    • empowering team members
    • team development and improving performance
    • energy and stress management
    • ¬†resilience
    • mindfulness
    • emotional intelligence
    • managing / leading change
    • conflict management
    • negotiation
    • effective communication
      • influencing
      • giving and receiving feedback
      • effective meetings
      • difficult conversations
      • effective presentations
      • the art of questioning

If your team, self or organisation habits could use with behavioural change in any of these areas give us a call or send us an email to start the conversation o how we can help.