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What’s your leadership strategy?

What is your leadership strategy?

That simple question is often misunderstood. It’s often taken to mean “what is your strategy as a leader?” What we mean, however, is “What is your strategy for ensuring leadership is a common trait within your organisation?”

Seem trite? Let’s consider something: Whether a simple or complex organisation, people will get stuck – for good reasons and bad. A lack of information, role confusion, fear, over lapping spans of control – all of these can cause a bit of paralysis that can occur at the highest levels of strategic decision making or wherever someone needs to decide where to buy paper clips.

When decisions are stuck, someone needs to step in and get them moving again. Typically, we all do one very common thing in these instances:  We wait.  We wait until someone gets anxious or frustrated enough to blurt out a decision and then we go with it, hoping that it works out, and then we monitor the outcomes to see if it was a good decision or not.

While that scenario is common, it should cause you to ask a question: Is this the type of leadership you want? It’s spontaneous, which is good, and it’s also reactive, emotional, and spur-of-the moment, which is bad.

What you need is to continuously produce leaders who are willing to make quick decisions when needed, yet who do it with a sense of confidence and wisdom that comes through experience gained at successive levels throughout the organisation. If only 1 person, or a handful, at the top are effective leaders what happens when they move on? Will you be able to look internally for that next person who can step into the role, or will you be forced into looking outside and conducting expensive candidate searches, hoping to find someone who fits?

Perhaps that sort of executive turnover is seen as a positive – it gives you a chance to shake things up and bring in some new blood with fresh ideas, after all. Unfortunately, it sounds more like a condemnation of the current leadership.  It implies that there is a sense that current leadership can’t sustain the business into the future and it hasn’t done enough to ensure continued success if the next layer down has to rise up.

If that’s your situation, it’s time to develop a leadership strategy for your organisation. We have plenty of experience in coaching current leaders and potential leaders and can design an overarching strategy for ensuring the skills necessary for effective leadership in your organisation are present at all levels.

Contact us to discuss your leadership strategy situation and determine the best path forward for your organisation.